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Our new scientific personality test will tell you so much about your and your partner’s behaviour characteristics and help provide the answers that are so important in every day relationships.


Complete our Personality Test NOW and discover your real self. Your personality, aptitude and behaviour characteristics all in one comprehensive personality report complete with our colour coded Behaviour Measurement Index.

Researched and developed by the

International Institute for Behaviour Analysis

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  -- Self-Analysis in less than

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"Your report really did open my eyes and helped me understand aspects of my personality so much better.


It also gave us answers when my partner completed the test and we got the comparison report.


Thank you so much for helping us both"



What Are Personality, Aptitude and Psychometric Tests?


personality or psychometric test is a questionnaire which is designed to reveal aspects of an individual's character, behaviour or psychological makeup.


Our Personality-abc Test, developed by our team of experts at the International Institute for Behaviour Analysis, can help you understand your true self right now. Take advantage of this opportunity and secure the future you have always wanted for yourself. Knowing who you really are will improve your relationships, financial prospects and overall happiness.



Personality-abc is: 


  A system that is so simple yet wickedly accurate in creating your personality profile


  A system that takes a few minutes of your time to answer some straight forward Questions and renders your detailed report immediately by return


  A system that helps you understand who you are and helps you understand others


  With the help of this system you can view conflict as a thing of the past.



You see… The bottom line is this:


The Personality-abc test is 100% guaranteed to work for you… just like it has for thousands of other people searching for answers, to understand themselves, their partners, and well, just to try and understand what makes us tick.


If you’ve tried behaviour, personality assessment, communication programmes, programmes to understand yourself and understand others in the past, and had no luck, this will work for you.


If you have paid dearly for personality assessments in the past and these have not allowed you to understand yourself and others, then this is for you.


If you’re thinking of giving behaviour or personality assessments  and better communication and understanding one last try before you hang it up for good, than this is for you.




Really a brilliant test, this should be marketed + presented in Schools + Corporations, this can add huge value


If I would have known this system 5 years ago, I would still be married to my first wife!


A very well balance + in depth, that will truly help develop others in finding their true authentic self


I am pleasantly surprised at the accuracy of this program


Very in depth, very informative, very interesting


Liberating, empowering, useful


I can see this taking the world by storm


Simple and easy to follow, practical relevance in many contexts


Very interesting, relevant and enlightening, thank you!


Gives me a step higher on my communication skills


For the purpose of an introduction, this is very extensive, informative, engaging and Fun, much more than I expected, well put together






Would this kind of self-analysis help you to understand your partner or colleague or maybe even your child?


If you’re like the thousands of other people who’ve used this website then your answer is a definite YES!


Personality-abc made it so simple for them to understand who they were and how they could understand who they were without changing who they were.


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Personality ABC


Personality-abc totally AUTOMATES the concept of self-analysis online in a way you've never seen before.



Personality -abc


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